During the Summer months we sail on the Baltic Sea. The harbour of departure is Kiel-Holtenau. The destinations are Denmark off the German coast, sailing on the Big Belt and the Sont.

  landkaart oostzee
With whom?
You can rent the whole ship and decide for yourself who comes along. You can take a group of friends, go sailing with your colleagues or just your family. You can also decide how long the trip will be. Weekends, five-day-trips, two weeks, three weeks everything is possible. When you choose for a trip of two weeks or more we also have the option to sail to the Norwegian or Swedish coasts.

  zeilen op de oostzeezeilen op de oostzee
On board and on the shore.
In the shelter of the many islands the life on board stays pleasant and comfortable.
At the end of the day we moor in a harbour or anchor near a beach. Then you can go ashore and explore the surrounding.
For the more sportive sailors , or just because its fun, one can chose more open water.

Further more ...
For booking or more information contact Europe Sailing by letter, fax, e-mail or telephone.
You will find the numbers and addresses on the contact window.
Details about transfers and reservations you will find out at prices and information.
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