The Luciana was built in 1916 in the Netherlands as a sailing haring logger without a motor. In 1928 the ship was sold to Sweden and sailed till the late seventies as a freight vessel in the Scandinavian waters. Since 1982 the ship has been used as a sailing trainingship with support engine.

  europe sailing, de luciana

The ship is divided as following:
The ship contains 4 four person cabins and 4 two person cabins, a ladies and gentlemen’s bathroom with sinks and showers, there are two toilets. On the upper deck there is a communal

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A. Crew  B. Communal area with bar and galley C. Storage D. Bathroom ladies E. Bathroom gentlemen.
1. Two person cabin 2. Private 3. Two person cabin 4. Four person cabin 5. Two person cabin 6. Four person cabin 7. Two person cabin 8. Four person cabin 9. Four person cabin.

Some technical information:
Total length: 39 meters, width 6.5 meters, depth 2.5 meters. Water displacement 168 tonnes. Completely rigged (with: mainsail, schoonersail, two topsails, foresail, inner-and outer jib, flying jib and square foresail) the total sailsurface is 480 square meters. Engine 160 HP 8 cylinder Deutz-diesel engine, Electricity supply: 24V, 220V, 380V.

The ship sails under supervision of the Dutch shipping Inspectorate.

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