The Catherina was built in 1920 as a coastal watch cotter with support sails and mine sweeper for the German Marine.
The hull of the ship was originally made of wood on a steel frame. In 1955 it got extended in Belgium and the wood was replaced by steel. Untill 1982 the ship was used as a fishingboat, but since 1985 the Catherina is a trainingship with great sailinghabits.

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The ship is divided as following:
Three 4-person cabins, three 2-person cabins and two 3-person cabins. Four toilets and three showers.
Below deck there is a communal area with seating for 12 people. As well as in the deckhouse, here you will also find the Tap buffet and the hi-fi installation. An open galley with a professional four ring gas cooker, big oven, refrigerator and a deep freezer.
On deck there is a 14 person dinner table with a canopy.

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A. Crew B. Table fitted for 14 people with canopy C. Bar and Galley D. Communal area.
1. Four person cabin 2. Two person cabin 3. Three person cabin 4. Two person cabin 5. Four person cabin 6. Three person cabin 7. Four person cabin 8. Two person cabin

Some technical information:
Total length: 39.5 meters, width: 6.3 meters, depth: 2.8 meters. Water displacement: 145 tonnes.
Completely rigged (with mainsail, schoonersail, two topsails, foresail, inner and outer jib) the total sailsurface is: 360 square meters.
Engine: 220 HP, DAF-diesel engine. Electricity supply 24V, 220V and 380V.

The ship sails under supervision of the Dutch shipping Inspectorate.
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