Your trip

For many years we sail on the Baltic Sea. The harbour of departure is Kiel-Holtenau. The destinations are Denmark off the German coast, sailing on the Belts and the Sound.
When you choose for a trip of two weeks or more we also have the option to sail to the Norwegian or Swedish coasts.

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With whom? Everyone

You really don’t have to be an experienced sailor to sail. Put together a group from your circle of friends, go sailing with colleagues, with the sports club or with family. You rent the entire ship and decide who goes with it.
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Port or starboard?

On board is a qualified crew who explains everything and hoists the sails with you and steers the ship. Taking the wind and weather into account, you determine the route in consultation with the skipper. For sporty sailors, or simply because it is fun to experience, you can also opt for more spacious sailing waters.

In the shelter of the countless islands, life on board is comfortable. At the end of the day we moor in a interesting harbor or anchor in a sheltered bay. Then you can disembark and you have every opportunity to explore the area.