The LUCIANA was built in the Netherlands in 1916 as a sailing herring logger without a motor. In 1929 the ship was sold to Sweden and until well into the seventies it sailed as a cargo ship in the Scandinavian waters. Since 1982 it has been used as a sailing passenger ship with auxiliary engine.
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The layout of the ship

  • 4 four-person cabins.
  • 4 double cabins.
  • Mens bathroom with sinks and shower.
  • Ladies bathroom with sinks and shower.
  • 2 toilets.
  • A common room with beer tap and a Hi-Fi system.
  • Galley with professional 6-burner gas stove, large oven, 2 fridges and a freezer.

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Technical information

  • Length 39 meters.
  • Width 6.5 meters.
  • Draft 2.5 meters.
  • Displacement 168 tons.
  • Fully rigged, the total sail area is 480 square meters. That is with mainsail, schooner sail, two topsails, jib, inner jib, outer jib, kite and knitting jib (razor sail).
  • Auxiliary engine: 320 HP 6-cylinder Weichai diesel engine.
  • Electricity supply: 24V, 220V and 380V.
  • The ship sails under the supervision of the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate.

The history of the Luciana

The Luciana was launched on June 10, 1916 and entered service in July as a sailing logger VL 173 “CORNELIA AND PETRONELLA” for Viss. Me. Trust (Dir. C. van Yperen & C. van Heeren).

Jan 1919:  KW 66 ‘MARCUS AURELIUS’, owner N.V. Viss. Mij. Willem Beukelszn (B. Dijkdrenth Jr).
Juni 1921: KW 66 ‘TWEE GEBROEDERS II’, owner Gebr. Bloot.
1928: Laid up.
1929: Sold to Zweden. Rebuilt for freight and equipped with an engine (70 PK Bolinder).
1930: in service as ‘KERSTIN’, owner Partrederi Sölvesborg (o.a. Nils Jönsson).
1958: Owner A.E. Henrikson, Göteborg.
1967: ‘SJÖBORREN’, owner RAB Sjöhästen, Göteborg.
1982: ‘FRISIANA’, owner J. Grondsma, Leeuwarden.
1989: ‘LUCIANA’, Owner Europe Sailing, Pieter and Sas Boot, Rotterdam.

The Luciana on the shipyard

Historical photos from the archives of J. and M. Grondsma